Nine ways to embrace the Cape Malay culture

South Africa, and Cape Town in particular, is a place where different cultures coexist like nowhere else in the world. Among the many cultures and communities forming the “Rainbow Nation” is the Cape Malay community, of which members are sometimes also called Cape Muslims.

The Cape Malays are essentially residents of Cape Town and its suburbs. The term “Cape Malay” comes from the fact that the Dutch settlers sent thousands of labourers, slaves and political e...

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Discover the Cape Winelands during the harvest season!

How wine was brought into South Africa?

Wine’s roots in South Africa can be traced to the 17th century, when Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape in 1652 and recommended to the Dutch East India Company that the Cape would serve as a useful victalling station for the ships on their passage to the East. Thus, in 1655 a shipment of grape vine cuttings (mainly from France) arrived in Table Bay and soon after the first vineyards were planted. In 1659, the first wine was made by J...

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