Dear African Eaglers,

As of last months, Cape Town has implemented level 5 water restrictions as a result of not enough water being saved. We, African Eagle would like to warn you for this upcoming water crisis when you come and visit our beautiful country. In order to help the community and prevent the consequences, that you can see on the site provided by News24* being made by stating the water crisis as one of our main priorities and save as much as we can.

The city has announced that it anticipated its supply of municipal water would run out around March 2018 if consumption was not reduced to 500 million liters of collective user per day. In the current state water usage consumption stood at 599 million liters per day.

Tips to save like a local


Here we have some very nice tips that will help you on different ways to save water provided by Timeslive.

  • Have a 4-minute shower (40 liters). Playing your favorite song while bathing is one way of keeping track of the time. (Source; TimesLive).
  • Three toilet flushes (27 liters). The city has recommended that people “only flush when necessary". (Source; TimesLive).
  • Wash the dishes once (9 liters). It will also reduce the moaning from children tasked with this chore. (Source; TimesLive).

Take a look at this video made by Timeslive with full of tips on how to save water as best as possible.

African Eagle's guide to saving water as a company

African Eagle has put the level 5 water restrictions as one of our main environmental priorities, we do everything in order to ensure we help the city and save the water supplies.

That is why we have changed our washing system, our challenge is providing the best quality vehicle to our travellers while reducing our water consumption.

From now, we are using a dry washing system on our 40 vehicles, in order to significantly reduce our water consumption, and provide clean and comfortable vehicles for our travellers.

*Phases of water rationning explained