How is African Eagle taking action against coronavirus ?


                        Your health is our number one priority and we hope that your travels will be as unaffected as possible.


          African Eagle has put a safety protocol into place to ensure you stay safe during our tours. To delay any further spread of the virus, we remind you of the importance of following the guidelines given by the local health authorities. We ask that you keep yourself regularly informed of the situation by checking the travel advice website of your Ministry of Health :


  • Wash your hands regularly with antibacterial hand sanitizer or with soap and water.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow and not into your hands.
  • Single-use any tissue, and then throw it away into a trash bin.
  • Avoid greeting people by shaking hands.


Currently, South Africa has been relatively unaffected by the epidemic with only 16 cases recorded up to date (13/03/2020). The threat remains outside of our borders.


Our tours, mostly in small groups of 10 passengers or less, pose little risk in comparison to other bus tours with larger capacities of 70 passengers. All of our vehicles undergo systematic disinfecting at the end of every day after each tour. On board of each vehicle, there is hand sanitizer that will be made available to you. Our tour guides and drivers are instructed to regularly disinfect their hands.

We have doubled our efforts to ensure that your trip to Cape Town goes as smoothly as possible in our company.


We hope to see you soon,


The African Eagle Team