In African Eagle Day Tours, environment and energy consumption have been one of our main focus for more than five years. And those, far beyond its regulatory obligations.
We believe that turning into a green company is essential in order to limit our impact on the environment for the coming years. 

A green company considers in its development strategy, issues related to the environment, but also those related to the social, human rights, corporate governance or corruption.

The main objective of this strategy is to reduce or eliminate risks while seizing potential opportunities to improve the overall performance of the company. All companies, regardless of size, status or sector of activity, can implement this development strategy. 

 Taking into account environmental issues should be natural for any actor in society, be it company, state service, community, association or citizen. 
That's why, at African Eagle, we installed 5 years ago, 130 square meters of photovoltaic panels. This allows it to generate approximately 25,000 kWh each year. (For comparison, 10 square meters correspond to a generator power of 1 kWc). 

This investment has allowed us to control our consumption and becoming a green company. We claim to minimize our impact on the environment. Look Below what 130 square meter of solar panel looks like.