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        Whale, Dolphin and Penguin cruise in Port-Elizabeth


Depart: 08:00                                                        
Return: 12:00                     



  • Your driver will pick you up and drop you off to your hotel
  • Humpback whales can be seen in Algoa Bay between June and early January, reaching peaks in July/August and again in November/December when they make their return journey, with calves in tow.Southern right whales can be seen from July to October as they enter the safety of the bay to give birth. Southern right whales are usually seen very close inshore and often nearby to the harbour. They are the most frequently observed whales along the South African coast.
  • Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins are the most frequently observed dolphins in the bay and can be spotted all year round, in groups from 10-400. Common dolphins are also a spectacular sight as they are seen in groups of 1000-2000, swimming along at great speeds.
  • St. Croix Island is home to 22,000 breeding pairs of African penguins, the largest breeding colony found in Africa (though we have lost 70% in 10 years). It is here where you will get a close-up encounter with these comical birds. The African penguin’s breeding season reaches its peak between March and May, when you may be able to see the chicks from the boat. As well as African penguins, both St. Croix and Brenton Island are inhabited by the endangered African black oystercatcher, white-breasted cormorants and Cape cormorants.


Tour Details:


After a short briefing on land from your skipper, you will start your cruise to get closer to the bay's rich biodiversity. You will soon realize how this tour aims at raising awareness about preservation and about approaching animals respectfully.

You will head to the St. Croix Island group, along with the Bird Island group, that became part of the Addo Elephant National Park, allowing rangers to patrol the islands in aid of conservation efforts to protect the African penguin population. As they are Marine Protected Areas, please note that you are not allowed to actually go on to the islands.

Next to the above mentioned animals you have the opportunity to see of spotting white-breasted cormorants, Cape cormorants, bryde’s whales, minke whales, Cape fur seals, various species of sharks, Cape gannets and various species of pelagic birds including terns, petrels, skuas, shearwaters and albatrosses.


Naturally, we cannot guarantee animal sightings on any cruise. Your skipper will offer you the opportunity to view wild animals which will move around at their own will and therefore we cannot be held responsible for the movements of these animals. 

This tour is also weather dependant and you will be warned in advance if conditions do not permit the boat to go at sea. Depending on availability, this tour is subject to cancellation by the supplier.


Price policy: In case of non-presentation on the tours, full cancellation fees will apply. You may cancel up to 24 hours before your tour.

Inclusions and Exclusions:


  • Pick-up and drop-off to your hotel
  • Professional skipper
  • Snacks and drinks


  • Lunch
  • Sun protection

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