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Table Mountain Guided Hike


Depart: 06:00 - 06:15

Return: 13:00


Join us on a unique Half Day Adventure up Table Mountain. Our certified guide will ensure a safe
and unique memorable experience, while also learning the rich history of South Africa’s most iconic
landmark - Table mountain.

What to bring


What to bring : 

•     Backpack to carry your water & anything else you may want in. 
•     Comfortable hiking shoes (stable/supportive sports shoes are fine if you don’t have hiking boots) 
•     2L of water per person + lunch/snacks for the trip 
•     Raincoat/windbreaker 
•     Sunglasses & sunhat or beanie
•     Sunscreen (Factor 30+)
•     Camera/phone to take photos
•     Any medication you may need (i.e. Athsma pump, insulin, etc)
•     Please leave any valuables (jewelry and large sums of money) at the hotel. It is not needed
      on the mountain.
•     R150 per person Cableway fee down after the hike for India or Kasteelpoort routes. This is payable
      in cash or by credit card at the top of the mountain on the day.
•     Pick-up At your Hotel



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Kastelspoort : 

This route starts by heading up the jeep track from the stunning Camps Bay or Atlantic Ocean side of Table Mountain. It connects to the historical Pipe Track and Kasteelspoort which is a steady climb up a beautiful ravine with massive buttresses flanking both sides of the ravine. Halfway up is a nice break spot called ‘Breakfast Rock’ which is a perfect photo opportunity with views of Lions Head and the Atlantic Ocean below. Once you reach the top of Kasteelspoort you’ll make your way to view the remnants of the historical Old Cableway. Here there is an opportunity for the brave to go out onto ‘Diving Board Rock’ for the incredible picture to show others back home. From the Old Cableway, you’ll hike up part of the Valley of the Red Gods & into the Valley of Isolation which has interesting rock formations creating a bowl-like valley. From there, the descent is into Echo Valley and up the backside of Table Mountain up 3 ladders. Here you’ll enjoy views overlooking your starting point down below and you’ll see how far you’ve come. We make our way to the Cableway and descend down weather permitting. At the bottom we taxi back to our vehicle at the starting point.

One reason to choose this route:  
You’ll experience three sides of the mountain in one hike & beautiful views all around.
Time : 5 hours. 



India Venster to the cable Way : 

This adventurous route takes its name from India Ravine which resembles the shape of India on a map when seen from the city, and Venster (meaning: window in Afrikaans) which is a natural window in the rocks offering views of Devil’s Peak. This hike includes some rock scrambling and exposed terrain and is not suitable for those afraid of heights or uncomfortable on exposed areas. The city is visible from all sections of this hike but one can often feel a million miles away from the hustle and bustle below. The last part of this hike we round onto Fountain Ledge and then up the quiet Fountain Ravine on the backside of Table Mountain which offers spectacular views over the 12 Apostles and the Atlantic Ocean. We descend down via the Cableway weather permitting.

One reason to choose this route: If you’re looking for adventure !

Time: 3-4 hour ascent



Tranquility Cracks: 

Starting on the beautiful Camps Bay side of Table Mountain you’ll wind your way onto the historical Pipe Track around a couple of the 12 Apostle buttresses with views of Lions Head & the Atlantic Ocean below. This route takes us through some of the rare, afromontane forest on Table Mountain and ascends one of the gentlest ravines to the top of the Apostles. This is a good ‘get away from it all’ hike because typically the trails up the far south-western side of Table Mountain are less populated as it is no where near the Cableway. The fynbos surrounds you and you feel a million miles away from the city below. Once you reach the top you’ll be overlooking the backside of the mountain and will soon discover a quiet place called Tranquility Cracks. These are narrow cracks through ancient rock that have formed from wind, rain and erosion. It is a beautiful spot to explore and then relax on the rocks with one of the best views on Earth. You’ll then make your way back out of the cracks and along the tops of the 12 Apostles to view the remnants of the historical Old Cableway. Here is a great photo opportunity for the brave to go out onto ‘Diving Board Rock’. you’ll finish by hiking down Kasteelspoort which is +/- 1.5 hours walking down a beautiful ravine. In winter the sounds of the water coming down the ravine accompany you along the way.

One reason to choose this hike: To experience a lesser known gem on a more off the beaten track.


Time : +/-5 hours

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Pick up and drop off at your hotel or guesthouse around Cape Town. 


  • In case of non-presentation on the tours, full cancellation fees will apply.
  • You can cancel until 24 hours before your tours.  
  • General information and conditions of carriage prices, routes, places of interest, destinations, hotels and restaurants are subject to availability and to change
  • Tour departure and arrival are approximate
  • German, French, Spanish as well as other foreign language guides are available on request
  • All our vehicles are insured substantially for passenger liability
  •  All tours are subject to minimum number of passengers
  • Luggage and personal possessions are carried at your own risk
  •  Please ensure that valuables and travel documents are kept safe at all times

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